Zanzibar Tropical Island Holiday

Best Zanzibar Tropical Island Holiday Tour and Packages

Zanzibar tropical island holiday tour

Should you be looking for a Zanzibar tropical island holiday tour, then Global Leisure and Backpacking is your best choice. We provide the best Zanzibar tropical island holiday packages on offer. Zanzibar has many luxuries from the treetop suites to the private islands with barefoot bliss in between. There are world-class resorts over the archipelago including some welcomed new additions to Stone Town. However, a few days in Stone Town are important for any holiday spent in Zanzibar. Zanzibar has superb beach-side boutiques and intimate Island escapes that set it apart from other East African spice islands. You find superb luxury hotels along all the major beaches.


There are many miracles and wonders across Zanzibar. Smothered with luxurious accommodation you feel as though everything is meant for yourself. Most of these wonders tend to be tucked away in secrecy, with private beaches on small pristine islands with no-one else in the surrounds. Enjoy exclusive reef snorkeling, private dhow cruises, and candlelit dinners with your toes in the sand. You could also spend the night on a boathouse in an underwater bedroom and experience pure bliss. Excellent levels of personal service accompanied with friendly smiles are the norm in Zanzibar. This fact particularly happens in the smaller luxury boutiques, only hosting a few guests.

Travel Tips for Zanzibar Tropical Island Holiday

Should you decide to vacate the small and exclusive Zanzibar Island, then it is highly recommended to make your reservations well in advance. The busiest season normally stretches from July to October with another tourism spike from January to March. During these periods it could be difficult to find accommodation availability, especially if you intend staying for longer periods. Longer stays throughout Zanzibar often mean substantial discounts – up to a third off for booking a week or longer.

The Combo beach and safari holidays are very popular where a number of resorts having sister lodges on mainland Tanzania. These often offer superb all-inclusive deals, covering the Big Five African safari experience, flight transfers, and kicking back on the beach.

Cards are generally accepted for additional activities on tours, yet it is advisable to keep a few US dollars spare cash for emergencies. Visas can be acquired on arrival at the airport by getting a visa in advance you avoid the queues and the unnecessary stress. Flight transfers may be included in your package and is a highlight in itself, as it provides a great opportunity to see the azure archipelago from the air.

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