Zanzibar Cycling Holiday

Exprience a Zanzibar Cycling Holiday Tour

Looking for a Zanzibar cycling holiday, then look no further, as Global Leisure and Backpacking offers all guests the best cycling holiday in Zanzibar. The best way to explore the island of Zanzibar is by cycling around the Spice Island. You will explore, encounter, and be part of the very interesting life of Stone Town, take part in the cultural night tours and cycle to another beach destination on the Island. Special Zanzibar biking holidays can also be arranged, with you already being in Zanzibar.

Cycling through the old historical town of Stone Town should be done with a cycling guide, who will show you around the old back roads and some hidden places of Zanzibar.

Zanzibar cycling holiday

Zanzibar used to be the business hub of East Africa with trading done particularly in spices, ivory, and slaves. The cycling tour of Zanzibar normally continues through the spice market for you to discover, smell and perhaps taste different herbs and spices, never before imagined – allowing your fantasy to run wild. Normally your attention would be drawn to the previous slave market and the history concerning that. The guides have a thorough knowledge of the history and current affairs of Zanzibar. A Zanzibar cycling holiday allows you to gain a more detailed knowledge of the daily life and Zanzibar’s history.

Many languages are spoken there, although the predominant ones are Swahili, English, German, French and Italian.

On a cycling tour of Zanzibar, you leave the city behind and pass the green luscious suburbs, while you follow your guide. You will be welcomed with spice tea and at the submergence of the sun, you will move to more elevated buildings to gain a better view of Stone Town and its rural areas.

The cultural night tour in Zanzibar normally continues with the “Forodhani” where you satisfy your appetite with delicatessen. Here individuals meet, drink tea, and share their daily news. Participating in Zanzibar cycling allows you to get a firsthand experience of the herbs and spices on offer, all from your saddle.

Biking Holiday Tour all around Zanzibar

A Zanzibar cycling holiday demonstrates to you, the heart of the city together with the spirit of the people. You will be allowed to taste, smell, and feel the essence of Zanzibar and the friendly people.

Cycling on the Pearl of the Indian Ocean allows you a good chance to see the perfection of nature, the beauty of Stone Town, and perhaps encounter nearby tribes. Locate this hidden treasure by cycling. Plan your entire cycling route with your own tour guide.

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