Vietnam Mountain Hiking Adventures

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Vietnam Mountain Hiking Tour

Throughout the year tourists visit Vietnam, to enrich them with the Vietnamese way of life. Tourists visit the awe-inspiring ancient cities of Hue and Hoi An, tucked in the natural countryside. They travel from the yellow terraces in the harvesting season towards the stunning beaches of the coastline with the bustling cities.

Vietnam is a destination to mesmerize everyone who has the privilege of stepping inside. The visitors are provided with numerous memorable experiences with its natural beauty and friendly locals.

The Vietnam Mountain hiking adventures is perhaps better known, as you gain more than only an exclusive mountain hiking experience. You receive great sensations trekking through historic villages right to scenic beaches. Serious long walking and jungle trekking is most definitely possible in Vietnam, as Vietnam is covered with many mountain ranges, having the most scenic of views. They are all still waiting to be conquered by a climbing enthusiast.

It is not a crucial factor for you to be an experienced mountain hiker. You will be guided all the way and get the best help from our ground staff in Vietnam. Other activities should also be appreciated, like walking through beautiful gardens and lush pine forests, passing through ancient villages, while you gear up for another walk through paddy rice fields and spectacular scenery.

Global Leisure and Backpacking is your friendly agent providing you with friendly and exclusive service. We are committed to making your holiday journey more memorable. You will be trekking with qualified and highly experienced guides, who make every step of the way lighter and much more enjoyable.

Few major mountains for hiking-


Sapa is the most commendable hiking destination in Vietnam. Many different trails are available for everyone. This only makes Sapa a suburb hiking destination. Sapa also includes pretty terraced rice paddies, serene mountain villages and eye watering landscapes. There are various trekking difficulties to choose from. Well marked paths make it possible to even explore some trails without a guide.

Ha Giang:

Vietnam Mountain Hiking Adventures tours

Ha Giang is another beautiful place for serious hikers, who want to experience a wild forest. Here you also have the opportunity to appreciate and admire the local Vietnamese culture.

Pu Luong:

Pu Luong is a hike with jaw wrenching and breathtaking landscapes. The Pu Luong Nature reserve allows you a chance to witness the attractive rice terraces, limestone hills and the biodiversity of the forest. You will feel at ease and satisfied with the deafening silence at night.

Cuc Phuong National Park:

Cuc Phuong is the largest and oldest national park in Vietnam. It is famous for the biodiversity and the karst mountains.

We only outlined a few examples of your Vietnam Mountain Hiking Adventures tours.

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