Vietnam Cycling Holiday

Best Vietnam Cycling Holiday Tour

Vietnam Cycling holiday Tour

Plan and enjoy your Vietnam cycling holiday tour with us. At Global Leisure and Backpacking, we offer the best Vietnam cycling holiday tour packages that suit your budget. Visit new and exciting places, spending time with fellow cyclists and cycling on the open street – whatever is thrown towards you creates a unique experience. A cycling holiday in Vietnam opens your eyes to all the beauty surrounding you.

Participants cycling through Vietnam on a cycling holiday tour are given the opportunity to meet and converse with the local people and thereby sample the local way of life. Join us, as we take a trip from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City down paths and over breathtaking mountain passes. All this excitement and activity, provide you with a valid reason to entice yourself with all he healthy delicious Vietnamese food.

Reasons to Love this Vietnam Cycling Holiday Trip

Cycle through uneven terrain, exploring Vietnam’s ever evolving landscapes, cycle through fishing villages; pass ancient ruins and lively cities, cycle through rural countryside to the famed Cu Chi tunnels. Exchange your bicycle for a vessel heading for Nha Trang, where you swim in turquoise waters and feast on a crisp fish buffet for lunch.

Is this cycling Holiday Right for you?

To finish this Vietnam cycling holiday trip, it is significant that you and your family are both sure and competent in riding a bicycle. This cycling holiday trip covers quite some distance – you’ll be cycling for as much as 35 kilometers per day uneven territory, therefore this trip is designed for the sensibly fit. There could be of a couple of problems along the way – a puncture here and there could occur – yet there’s no uncertainty this is the best and most rewarding adventure. The climate in this area can be varied. Be prepared to get sweat-soaked and for the incidental rainstorm, which may require a deviation of plans. For those who want to do all the cycling yet conserve most of their energy, an electric bicycle (e-bicycle) can also be used for this trip.

We have thoroughly inquired about everything regarding this coordination; as a general rule, it’ll be an extraordinary astonishment, if no hiccup occurs. We like to feel that is the thing that puts the ‘adventure’ in ‘adventure travel’.

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