African vacations are oft an exhilarating mixture of sight-seeing, game spotting combined with sporting activities across both provincial and country borders. These exhilarating holidays are surely very pleasing but seldom depict relaxation.

Luxury trains like Rovos Rail, Blue Train and Shongololo Express allow the holidaymaker for total carefree travel to and from the vacation destinations.

The luxury trains vary in routing and pricing but all possess that pristine elegance required to be classed superior.

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As time meanders from the 19th Century towards the dawn of a new era, a dream was born. A dream harnessing steam technology linking Africa’s vast south to the north. From this dream, the Blue Train was manifested. The Blue Train now traverses South Africa with its breath-taking scenery in a manner that befits the mystique that has grown around it.
Kings and presidents have indulged on this magnificent, moving five-star “hotel-on-wheels”. From love-struck honeymooners, to adulated celebrities. And even ordinary folk who romanticize about a life of spectacular luxury, a life that has seemed tantalizingly out of reach. Until now... Welcome aboard The Blue Train. Your unforgettable experience is about to begin…


Rohan Vos received permission to run a train on the national rail network in 1986. The first locomotive, Bianca together with her seven carriages were rebuilt in 1987.
This luxury train offers passengers the possibility to be comfortably ferried throughout Africa, while contentedly observing the outside from within their luxurious cabins, the plush saloon, the elegant dining cart or the open air conservation cart.


The many indigenous people of the Southern African continent familiarize the moving carriages of the train as a millipede; hence in 1995 Shongololo was founded. This is an exceptionally pleasing and majestic way to experience the Southern African continent.
The elegant cabins come in various sizes from the larger Emerald Double to the less grand, Gold Twin catering for the differing perceptions.

Explore Luxury Trains in South Africa

Enjoy luxury trains in South Africa with the help of Global Leisure and Backpacking. Relax on luxury trains in South Africa only to arrive back into the golden age of Travel. These trains convey the most selective and customized travels, our South Africa luxury train safaris caters with the former long periods of high tea, smartly dressed dinners and watching the landscape slowly unfold before you.

South Africa has the absolutely the most delightfully diverse landscape on the globe, ranging from the attractive Riverian oases and wild African bushveld to lively cities humming with artistry and life. It is additionally a nation known for its luxury train travel, popular for transporting guests and locals to these areas in the richest and most luxurious manner. By combining luxury train travel into your travel plan, you will have the option to see the deepness of South Africa in another, a relaxed point of view, which air travel fails to capture.

The alternatives for luxury train travel in South Africa are: The Rovos Rail, The Blue Tain and the Shongololo Express.

These trains are all based in South Africa and can be counted amongst the richest and most luxurious trains on the globe. To find out more, please read below…

Rovos Rail

Famous for its style and lavishness, the loftiness of the Rovos Rail summarizes luxury train travel at its best. Stroll your way back towards the Victorian days with the assistance of the train’s glamorous vintage carriages and parlors completed with smooth wood-framing and winged back seats. Travelers will likewise enjoy an amazing dining experience with fantastic food, in an agreeable pre-1940s atmosphere.

Blue Train

Individual help and attention to detail makes The Blue Train another luxury, five-star “hotel-on-wheels”. Crossing between Cape Town, Pretoria and Hoedspruit, this luxury train in South Africa offers travelers a gracious experience that joins fine-dining gastronomy with special suites, completed with touches of gold and marble. The rich relaxing carts enable you to absorb panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, and with an individual butler to take care of your every need, relaxation and comfort are guaranteed.

Shongololo Express

The Shongololo Express is an excellent train that moves past the borders of South Africa, traveling around Namibia, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique as well. With three specific visits that fall between 12-15 days and interesting “off-train” excursions, this luxury train in South Africa speaks to every “at ease” luxury traveler. The appeal and fascination of the en-suite cabins and causal intrigue all through its carriages guarantee visitors a breathtaking tour with better quality.

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