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At Global Leisure and Backpacking, we have a database of various Thailand adventures, making it immensely easy to conduct a search for any type of Thailand adventure. The packages we cater to are geared towards individual and group Thailand tour packages. What is highly recommended, is for you to discuss it with our expert tour guide and create your own special tailor-made tour package

Revitalize yourself and add a little spice to your life with our energizing Thailand holiday tour packages. Find out why Thailand travel industry is forever expanding and why Global Leisure and Backpacking remains steadfast a dominant force in the tour industry, as they offer great deals and discounts on various vacation packages.

For all the adventure junkies, you would be astounded to discover what Thailand has to offer. In the event, you, your partner or your kids consider themselves adrenalin junkies, take a trip to Thailand, and experience a wide assortment of adventure sports from White Water Rafting, Scuba Diving, Kite Boarding, Rock climbing, Mountain Biking, Bungee Jumping, Paragliding, and Skydiving.

You have been hand-picked for that adventure tour in Thailand. Your brain is subconsciously telling you that you deserve and are in need of energy boosting freshly squeezed tropical juices, with a beach, a massage with some tropical joy. An Adventure tour in Thailand is an absolute necessity for anyone looking to escape abroad. Regardless if you fancy beaches or mountains, city or countryside, sweet or spicy; we at Global Leisure and Backpacking can help you plan your next Thailand adventure tour.

The best aspect of a SE Asia tour is that we can truly customize your Thailand adventure for you to enjoy and experience exactly what you are looking for. Perhaps you would like to volunteer in a remote small village, or you would like to teach or scuba dive off one of the remote islands? Perhaps you would like to meditate at a yoga retreat, wash elephants or hand make a bamboo raft? An adventure tour in Thailand will be made solely and provide you with the experience you desire.

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Thailand is known as the place of smiles and rightly so, as it has something to fulfill the craving of each explorer who wanders into this nation. It’s incredibly delightful, fascinating, reasonable, and simple. The liberal and friendly nature of the Thai people will quickly win you over. For a vacation destination, Thailand has everything. Simply call us at +27 79824 0852 and book your Thailand adventure tour.