Serengeti National Park Safari Tanzania

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Serengeti National Park SafariThe most serene and blissful setting on this globe is the Serengeti National Park Safari in Tanzania. It is full of natural wildlife behavior, smiling and whispering at you. This type of safari you should experience at least once in your lifetime, the Serengeti – the second largest National park in Tanzania.

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Serengeti National Park:

Africa’s renowned Serengeti National Park is the largest wildlife refuge on the planet. An implausible and unimaginable natural spot, where you can observe the predators and the largest annual wildebeest migration of 1.5 million white-bearded wildebeest and 250,000 zebras tiptoeing across the many Nile crocodiles.

Covering 14,750 and highlighting the key features include the plains of grasslands, acacia savannas, forests for daydreaming, and extensive woodlands. The exceptional wildlife sanctuary and world heritage site share the border with the Kenyan Masai Mara game reserve and the Southern boundary with the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

It is a place with striking scenery and contrasts from open plains, lakes, mounds, and rocky outcrops.

To experience a beautiful game drive location in the Serengeti, the Seronea Valley in the Serengeti is definite. It has a permanent waterhole in the Serengeti and it attracts a large variety of animals like lion, buffalo, impala, hippo, waterbuck, elephant, cheetah, leopard and many more.

A crucial factor making the Serengeti National Park Safari Tanzania one of the most incomparable destinations on the globe is the old eco-system culture. The indispensable features of climate, vegetation, and fauna have basically remained the same during the past millennia.

Amidst the outlying areas of the Serengeti Park, tribes such as the Masai and the Hadzabe could share details and secrets about their culture with few fortunate travelers.

Major activities:

The major activities in the Serengeti National park are viewing wildlife open safari game drives, hot air balloon safaris, walking safaris, camping, lodging, Cultural tourism, and many more.

Best time: 

Of all around the year, but the wildebeest migration starts to head towards the Western Serengeti in May or June.

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