Travelling from one extreme to the next, broadens the travelers knowledge and horizons by realizing the differences between the calm and still atmosphere of East Africa to the vibrant yet fulfilling life of South Eastern Asia. In East Africa you come face to face with wildlife partaking in the annual migration along the Serengeti, while observing the snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro in the distance. Many documentaries are accredited to the quiet wild of South Africa and South Eastern Africa, while many films are taken in South East Asia highlighting their vibrant life.

In South East Asia you could discover an amazing untouched countryside of the Mekong Delta, inconceivable limestone rock formations in Ha Long Bay and some mountainous outcrops in northern Vietnam. Cambodia has beautiful beaches and deserted islands with awe-inspiring ancient temples and landmarks. As a less developed country, Laos is often referred to as ‘The Land of a Million Elephants’ and offers an untouched and unspoiled glimpse into the olden day life. Myanmar has a rich cultural heritage and possesses a vast ecological diversity ranging from its famous Himalayan peaks to its lush tropical beaches.

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